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The Student Reward Card program is easy to use.
Four easy steps are all that's needed to sign a student up for the Student Reward Card program.

Step 1: Just click the Sign Up link, and start making shopping cooler.

Step 2: We take care of Step 2 by sending your card in the mail - you should get it in 10 business days or less.

Step 3 is to activate the card using the phone or the web.

The last step, #4, is to Register your card to start earning funds for your school. It's quick and easy. Enroll Now

The Student Reward Card program is a hassle-free fundraiser for your school.
Just use the card as you shop and the Student Reward Card program will do the rest. A percentage of your sale (usually about 10%) is contributed to the school program or activity of your choice. What a deal!

The Student Reward Card program makes it easy to get started.
We know that school administrators have their hands full and we respect the value of their time. Just contact us and one of our representatives will call you to explain how this program can help you obtain the money needed to fund programs, events and activities for students without creating an administrative burden.

Use it anywhere.
Student Reward Card Prepaid Visa® cards can be used anywhere Visa Prepaid cards are accepted.  They're just like debit cards.

Safe and Secure.
The Student Reward Card Prepaid Visa is quick, easy to use and is safer than carrying cash. Cards can feature a photo of the account holder. Accounts are securely managed on-line and cash deposits can be made at any Western Union™ location. There is a help line should you ever have a problem, just call 800-808-4577.

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