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Supporters: Everyone wins.
For schools, the Student Reward Card program provides a steady stream of contributions. Up to 20% of each purchase made will be donated to the school or program of your choice. For parents, students and supporters, it's a hassle-free way to participate in valuable fundraising.

Equally important, the Student Reward Card program can be used to instill fiscal responsibility and money management skills that will benefit your teen for a lifetime.

Debt-free spending.
Unlike credit cards-which can easily be misused-the Student Reward Card Prepaid Visa® Card is a prepaid which means that you can spend up to what has been added or deposited onto the card. This means spending is restricted to the amount of funds available in the account. When the money is gone, the spending stops. And while no debt is ever accrued, good credit behavior does begin to accumulate with responsible use.

Full protection plus online tracking.
Cash that is lost or stolen can never be replaced. But your funds on the Student Reward Card Prepaid Visa Card are protected.  A new card can be ordered quickly and easily. The Student Reward Card program also helps you track spending. Whether you shop online, at retail outlets, restaurants, or other establishments, you'll always have a record of where your money is being spent. The Student Reward Card Prepaid Visa is backed by Visa's Zero Liability Policy.

The card that keeps on giving.
Whether you're giving your child a monetary contribution, a birthday present, or a holiday gift - you can make a quick and simple deposit directly into any Student Reward Card account by making a cash deposit online or at any Western Union location.

Become a loyal supporter today ... Just click the above Register/Sign Up link, and complete the online form or contact us at 800-808-4577.

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