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Schools: A steady revenue stream.
Four Oaks Bank & Trust and Student Reward Card have teamed up to create a new kind of fundraising program. It's called The Student Reward Card program, and it provides an ongoing revenue stream that requires virtually no work and no expense.

Fundraising made simple.
Each time a purchase is made with the Student Reward Card, participating merchants will donate up to 20% of the sale to your school or program. Imagine: No more fund drives, no more products to manage, nothing to distribute, track, sell or lose.

The Card can carry a photo I.D.
The Student Reward Card Prepaid Visa® Card has many benefits. Why have 2 or 3 cards when you can have one that can be a student ID, ASB card, or even a cash card. This card just makes sense! How you use it is up to you and / or the school district but the potential uses are endless. Think about a cashless cafeteria!

A community effort.
This simple, cost-free program unites local consumers, students and merchants in an orchestrated fundraising effort on your behalf. When you use your Student Reward Card at participating merchants, two-thirds of every dollar donated goes directly to your school where funds can be directed to individual accounts or specific programs.  This is another aspect of the Student Reward Card and our team of consultants can show you and your academic team how the school can get out of the fundraising business and concentrate on educating our leaders of tomorrow.

Cashless campus capable.
The Student Reward Card significantly reduces the amount of cash on campus. And less cash means fewer problems. The Student Reward Card Prepaid Visa Card can be used for lunches, books and supplies - virtually anything!.  Best of all, schools aren't the only ones to benefit from the card, because students gain valuable experience by learning how to manage money in a more responsible way.

Click here or call 909.948.5855, and start raising funds for your school today!

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