Student Reward Card, Inc.
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Helping students. Supporting schools.
Parents, students, neighbors, and retailers-the Student Reward Card program unites entire communities in the singular effort of raising money for schools. Money that supports athletic programs, clubs, events and a host of other important curricular activities for students. Of course, the benefits of this program don't end with our schools - the Student Reward Card Prepaid Visa® Card can be an important money management tool. A tool that helps students develop a mature attitude about spending. And good spending habits can benefit them throughout their entire life.

It should come as no surprise that the Student Reward Card program is built around a very special card. A card that brings together highly respected institutions: Four Oaks Bank & Trust. and Student Reward Card, Inc. Together, we've created a card that provides the very highest level of service and is welcomed at millions of retail establishments around the globe.

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Student Reward Card Prepaid Visa cards are issued by Four Oaks Bank Trust & Trust, pursuant to a license from
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