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Thank you for requesting a Student Reward Card.

The process to order a card is simple and secure.  We use a combination of new and old technology to protect your identity and to make sure that we minimize any chance of an error with your order.

There is a small fee, one time fee to acquire the card of $24.  $4 of this fee is donated to the school of your choice.

The steps are:

1.  Fill out a short form indicating who you are and where you want us to mail your new Student Reward Card.
2. Next we'll call you on the phone (old technology) to verify the information and to get your credit card information to process your order.  That way we can also verify your address and you won't have to worry about entering your credit card information over the Internet
3. We'll place your order and, if you give us your email address on the information form, we'll email you an order confirmation and then again when your card is in the mail.

There it is, simple and secure. 
So let's get started and click here to go to step #1. Get a Card Now

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