Student Reward Card, Inc.


Nobody likes fees but fees are always present.  Student Reward Card recognizes that nobody wants to pay fees, that's why our fee structure is simple AND we give you information on how to avoid fees:

Title   Fee   How to Avoid
Monthly Fee $2.50 Visit our merchants 10 times in a month for
this fee to be reversed.
Load Fees
  Credit Union Deposits No Fee    
  ACH and Account Transfers from Checking or Savings No Fee    
  Credit Card Loading $2.00    
Transaction Fees      
  Point of Sale Pin Based $0.55   Use Signature or Credit option
  Point of Sale Signature $0.00    
  ATM Withdrawal $1.50   Go to a market and get Cash Back
  ATM Balance Inquiry $1.50   Use the web site to get your balance
  Phone Balance Inquiry $0.75   Use the web site to get your balance
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