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Businesses: New Clients - no marketing
Just think about it...right around the corner from your business is a school and each one of those students and their parents is a prospective customer.  So how do you reach out and get them to try your establishment? 

If you are like many business people, you've subscribed to the local coupon book, maybe even purchased an ad in the year book or, sponsored a team or school event.  Sure the PR was great, but did it bring in more business?  Could you measure exactly how much business?

Chances are it did bring in business but there is no real way of measuring it.  Also, there is no way to determine if all that goodwill brought in any continuing revenue.

That's where we come in.  Student Reward Card rewards the student, parent, and the school by spending money at your location - and you get all of the credit.  Best of all, it costs nothing to join and start getting free (yes we said free) advertising.  You only pay when the customer buys something with the Student Reward Card Prepaid Visa® Prepaid Card - and you get to determine the amount.

When was the last time someone offered to do free marketing and ask for payment only when there was a sale?  But like those Infomercials, this offering does get better.  By using our online systems we can show you exactly how many parents and/or students came in and bought something from you.  You'll also know exactly how much you've donated to the school.

All of this and free advertising.  Remember, the cardholder and school doesn't receive any rewards unless they buys something from a participating merchant, like you.  So who do you think the parent or student will go to when deciding between you or the other guy?

Apply today by clicking here or calling us at 888-583-5501 .

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